Elephant, Sharpie marker & colored pencil on cardboard



The locals pride themselves on being as green as the hillside,
Riding their bicycles up and down the mountain,
Strengthening their own calves as naturally as they raise
Grade A, hormone free, unprocessed organic meat.

They say the air smells fresh and clean like God intended,
No pollution or chemical emissions to fog up the sky,
And as the stars and moon shine, inherently they raise
Mason jars toward the heavens in a cheer, “Amen!”

Each nose glows redder than the neck next to them,
As another log gets thrown on the fire and they burn
Bridges to the land of wasteful corruption, they raise
Awareness in fraternal chants of “Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!”

So careful not to harm their physical environment, they neglect
The poison they ingest in celebration, quietly destroying
The strength and beauty they so righteously strive to attain,
Raising their future generations to unite in dependency.

A Mermaid’s Moan

Riding side-saddle on a horse with no legs
A landlocked mermaid terrified of drowning in her own salty tears
If only the sea could kiss her foreign toes
Like the princess to the toad
She sits and watches her past wave and wash ashore
Messages in bottles
Bottles he would drink
Drink like a fish
In an effort to be half man, half fish, to be like her
But he could never become a merman
He would remain nothing more than a drunken sailor
Trying to fill the hole in his heart
Just like the hole in his boat that led him into her arms
Misfired harpoon
Tides aligned with the moon
She saved him
She sacrificed everything she knew to try to help him
She stayed
Only to watch him drink like a fish
And steal the empty bottles to send messages back to the sea
Prayers that would never be answered
Until the day she could sleep with the fishes
And her soul set free
“If this is love, why does he choose poison over me?”